Introducing… Casey!

Casey’s best storytelling usually happens at gym time with his fellow stay at home dads.  He enjoys roasting his own coffee and playing the drums.  He lives near Gage Park, where he is involved in the L’Arche Hamilton community and is a proud owner of a fantasy football team.



Pierrick is a communicator to the core. Whether through stand-up comedy, graphic design, photography or filmmaking he’ll find a way to tell a story. It pours out of him. Seriously, he’s like a fountain of art.

He grew up in the East Mountain, where he attended French schools where his love for art was fostered. His goal is to keep the fire alive within the marketing world.

Check out his Creative Portfolio here:TigerBeat-skinfinal.jpg

Introducing… Marnie!


Marnie Woodrow has been embellishing the truth for the entertainment of others since she lied about having a baby brother in first grade. In her spare time, she writes novels and blogs for car dealerships.



Cat Skinner is an author, blogger ( and performer born and raised in Hamilton.  Recent stage credits include the 2017 Gillian’s Place production of The Vagina Monologues at the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre in St. Catharines. Prior to that, she appeared as Mistress of Ceremonies and Artistic Director to the now-retired cirque burlesque troupe Les Coquettes Cabaret (Toronto). Other passion projects include her professional beta reading service, teaching creative writing to kids ages 10-18 (Junior Creative Writers), working as a licensed wedding officiant with All Seasons Weddings, and raising three amazing children with two incredible partners.

Introducing… Kat!


I am a genderqueer tattoo artist, and an OCAD University alumni. Ensuring there are comfortable, inclusive spaces for queer and marginalized folk to be tattooed is a priority for me. When not working, you can likely find me riding bikes or petting kittens.

Introducing… Inge!

Inge Christensen Dec 2016

Inge moved from Toronto to Hamilton last September. With improv, writing, and art as her passions, she is fascinated with creating stories. She is also a historical architecture freak and so is delighted to explore Hamilton’s streets and laneways.  

Join us March 10 for zine launch and the debut of Singin’ Women!

Steel City Stories presents two shows in recognition of International Women’s Day on Friday, March 10th at 7:30 pm and Saturday, March 5th at 1 pm. Both shows are at Mills Hardware and doors open half an hour before the show starts. Find event details and ticket information here.

At our show on Friday, March 10 we’ll be celebrating the launch of the second volume of locally produced zine THRIVER, and the debut performance of the newly formed choir, Singin’ Women.



This is our second volume of locally produced zine, THRIVER!

The first volume (pictured above and still available) was focused on Violence Against Women and launched in November 2016.

Their second volume is focused on International  Women’s Day (March 8th).

A group of women convened on Wednesday nights, because they along with their editors Patty, Paula and Marley, didn’t have anything else to do. No, seriously they are totally committed to speaking up through their zine for women!

For the last six weeks they have used different mediums including poetry, art, sketching, puzzles and interviews to try to communicate the importance of women’s lives in society, past, present and future. What would the world look like without women, in it?

Singin’ Women

Singin’ Women is a Hamilton-based community choir made up of women who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness along with a smattering of allies. Under the direction of Laura Thomas and with accompanist Stephanie Theuerkauf, 15-20 women have been singing together each week since January 12, 2017. Friday, March 10 will be their first public performance.