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Steel City Stories Presented: International Women’s Day, March 10 + 11, 2017

Friday, March 10 — CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!
Hosted by Krista Foss, and featuring stories by:
Bianca Mallon
Sage RavenStar
Lynda Narducci
Maureen Tunolo
Tammy Hudgins

Saturday, March 11 — CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!
Hosted by Sandy Reynolds, and featuring stories by:
Grace Evans
Sam Delaney
Kim Coffin
Lisa Hunt
Doreen Stermann

Steel City Stories Presented: Day of the Dead, November 5th, 2016


Hosted by Luz Marina Hernández and featuring stories by:
Kyle Skinner
Colleen Gaffney
Diego López
Nick Durie
Maddye Treen
Michael Nabert

Steel City Stories Presented: Neighbours, September 10, 2016


Hosted by Carly McLeod and featuring stories by:
Scott Dobin
Anne Bokma
Andrew Guy
Mike Borrelli
Marianne Daly

Steel City Stories Presented: Plan B, June 4, 2016


Hosted by Kim Coffin and featuring stories by:
Rebecca Doll
Michael Derberker
Kelly Nash
Edith Chavez
Lisa Hunt



Steel City Stories Presented: Excuses, April 10, 2016


Hosted by Carla Klassen
Jen Reeves
Steve Siemens
Carly McLeod
Maria Eleusiniotis
Alyson Lamanes

Steel City Stories Presented: LEILA’S GIRLFRIENDS, In celebration of International Women’s Day March 4 + 5, 2016 and March 6, 2016 


Hosted by Persian superstar Leila

Friday, March 4 – CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!
Tamara Kamermans
Tricia Chambers-Ferenbach
Janice Blatz
Debbie Woolridge
Anne Kaewmongkol

Saturday, March 5 CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!
Katharine Snider McNair
Sandy Reynolds
Lena Scholman
Kim Coffin
Sarah A. Leyenaar

Grace Evans
Colleen Gaffney
Layal Al-Haidari
Mary Ellen Scanlon

Steel City Stories presented: Stories by Youth- November 7, 2015


Hosted by: Zak McDonald

Steel City Stories presented: Turned Up- September 12, 2015


Hosted by Mike Vallely:
Carmen Cooper
Myke Hutchings
Doug Feaver
David Premi
Gary & Joy Warner
Tom Wilson



Steel City Stories presented: Missed connections – June 6, 2015


Hosted by Chris Farias:
Amanda Leduc, writer/dreamer/mischief maker
Celeste ‘Ms. Connections’ Licorish
Jason Hofing, Relay Coffee Roasters
Jeff Mahony, columnist/writer/reporter
Mary Love, Accidental Temptress
Patricia Saunders, West Mountaineere
Cole Gately, liminal being

Steel City Stories presented: Epilogue– April 19, 2015


Hosted by Amanda Leduc & Troy Palmer:
Deb Grace, anxious extrovert
Martin Durkin, author of SteelTown for Mary, Memoirs From a Dick
Krista Foss, writer/caffeine addict
Michael Derbecker, how it plays out
Andrew Amoah, music romanticist

Steel City Stories presented: Faking it – March 7, 2015


Hosted by Greg Tedesco, and featuring stories by:
Chris “Twice, I do” Godwaldt
John “The Real Deal” Mills
Edith “Mexico City survivor” Chavez
Michael “Wingin’ it” Vallely
Nathalie “Pants-no-longer-on-fire” Zur Nedden
Chris “Put the ram in the rama-lama-ding-dong” Farias

Steel City Stories presented: Moonlighting – November 1, 2014

moonlighting poster

Hosted by Anne Cumby
Susan Creer, Normal Benefit Unit
Grace Evans, Community Development Worker
Kate Flynn, Secret Farmer
Carla Borstad Klassen, Helpful Jerk
Darlene Chrissley, Creative Being and Master Coach

Steel City Stories presented: Into the wild – at Supercrawl! – September 13, 2014


Hosted by Steve Bunn
Sandy Shaw, Community Advocate
Suzanne Burchell, Storyteller
Alex Drumm, Writer
Zak McDonald, Comedian
Chris Krucker, Local Farmer/Organizer
Katy Morrison, Nurse and Masters Student
Jeff Goodes, CBC Host and Producer

Steel City Stories presented: Turning Point – July 5, 2014


Hosted by Renée Wetselaar
Chris Erl, Urban Planning Student
Maha Hossein, Agricultural Engineer
Jean Ryan, Professional Storyteller
Anne Kalonji, Old Fashioned Maman
Greg Tedesco, Social Justice Advocate
Kevin Makins, Pastor & Storyteller

Steel City Stories presented: Arrivals and Departures – April 5, 2014


Hosted by John Terpstra
Renée Wetselaar, Artist & Community Advocate
Zak McDonald, Comedian
Graham Crawford, Hamilton HIStory + HERitage – CLICK HERE TO LISTEN
Rochelle Martin, Death Midwife
John A. McCurdy, Local Historian
Suzanne Burchell, Storyteller

Steel City Stories presented: Roots – February 2, 2014


Hosted by Jeff Goodes
Anne Cumby, The Cannon
Klyde Broox, Dub Poet – CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!
Lori Yates, Musician
Matthew Green, Freestyle FitnessCLICK HERE TO LISTEN!
Mary Love, Storyteller





Steel City Stories presented: Brushes with Greatness – November 2, 2013


Hosted by Steven Bunn
Lou Molinaro, This Ain’t Hollywood – CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!
Robin McKee, Local Historian – CLICK HERE TO LISTEN on DNTO!
Deirdre Pike, LGBTQ Activist – CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!
Jeff Goodes, Producer and Host with CBC Radio
John Terpstra, Poet
Lisa Pijuan-Nomura, Multidisciplinary Artist – CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

Steel City Stories – November 5, 2011
Hosted by Matt Jelly
Larry Strung, Photographer and creator of Hamilton365
Martin Durkin, Poet
Steven Bunn, Creator of ArgosSuck.com
Stephen Sinnicks, Musician
Oona Iverson, Writer


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