Get to know your storyteller! Leading up to our event on February 1st, we’ll be bringing you brief bios of our speakers. Here’s Anne!

Anne Cumby is co-owner of The Cannon, a specialty café that takes great pride in fostering a welcoming and intimate community in the Ottawa St. neighbourhood. Since 2011, Anne and her business partner Cindy Stout have worked aggressively to build a strong reputation as savvy entrepreneurs and professional baristas. Together with other coffee proprietors here in Hamilton, as well as in Dundas and Toronto, Anne is focused on raising the bar and establishing Southern Ontario as a destination for amazing coffee. In 2013, she acted as technical judge at the Canadian Barista Competition Finals in Vancouver. A devoted wife and mum, Anne likes storytelling, clever puns, video games, and remembering middle names. Follow Anne and The Cannon on Twitter: @cannoncoffeeco.

Join us, February 1st, at the Christ’s Church Cathedral, to hear Anne and others tell true stories from their own lives, live without notes! You can reserve your tickets online here!