Get to know your storyteller! Leading up to our event on April 5th we’re bringing you brief bios of our speakers. Here’s Suzanne!


Suzanne is an instructor in Drama in Education at Brock University. She is retired from teaching drama for 38 years in secondary school. Her roots of storytelling are from her hometown of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia on the Bay of Fundy, where story telling is a natural ‘way’ for many in daily life. She was a founder of the Parrsboro storytellers group. Currently she belongs to the Hamilton Storytelling Circle. Recently, writing short stories to tell has become a part of her repertoire as well.

Join us on April 5th at the First Unitarian Church to hear Suzanne and others tell true stories from their own lives, live without notes! Doors open at 7. Advance tickets available online (here!) or at The Cannon.