Turning Point

Our July event was all about how one experience can change your look on life. Whether it was a disaster that made you reevaluate your values, or witnessing something that challenged your previous perceptions, this event was all about how our speakers took the best out of unforeseen circumstances.

Renée Wetselaar returned from our April event to host Turning Point.

Chris Erl kicked off the night tying his educational experience at McMaster to the history of Hamilton, and the parallels he’s seen in his own life.

Maha Hossein described what it was like first coming to Canada, and the challenges she faced and overcame.

Jean Ryan talked about how her childhood self was torn between what various spiritual teachers told her, and how that framed her future perspectives.

Greg Tedesco told us his journey from being a Steel Town skeptic to a passionate community member and supporter of all things Hamilton.

Anne Kalonji shared the experience of her cross-culture wedding which incorporated Congolese and French traditions.

Kevin Makins wrapped the evening up by warning us of the dangers that come with being a home owner, and the saving grace of insurance.

Thank you to everyone who came out and enjoyed the event! It was yet another success thanks to all the support the Hamilton community has given us! We’ll be back soon…stay tuned for details!