Get to know your storyteller! Leading up to our next event, Moonlighting, on November 1st, we’re bringing you brief bios of our speakers. Here’s Carla!


Carla Borstad Klassen was born and raised in Hamilton, and grew up singing and defending herself against her brother. She works at the Social Planning and Research Council where she does program evaluation and community planning related to immigration, food, neighbourhoods, and children. She likes laughing, has problems with capitalism, tries to be kind, and feels lucky to have such a compatible partner in Anna. Carla likes sleeping (but doesn’t do it much), eating (constantly), dancing, and being deeply silly with her kid, Charlie. 

Join us at the First Unitarian Church next Saturday, November 1st, to hear Carla and others tell true stories from their own lives, live without notes! Doors open at 7. Advance tickets available online (here!).