Introducing Leila’s Girlfriends… Friday night line-up!

Let’s get to know who will be joining Leila on Friday night!

Introducing… Tamara!


Tamara has lived in Hamilton since the day she was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital. She has performed in community theatre for 30 plus years. She is a Humanities and Social Sciences Professor at Mohawk College. She is glad she has these two venues to help her give back to her community. She’s honoured to have the opportunity to work with Leila on this supportive women’s project.

Introducing… Tricia!


Tricia was born in Montreal, Quebec, to an Irish mom and a Scottish dad – with a German surname. She moved around quite a bit when she was young, and has moved a few times as an adult. She is now a Hamiltonian of about 23 years and loves living here. She also loves to travel and among many places she’d still like to explore are the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Introducing… Janice!


Her name is Janice Clarke Scott, Clarke Verboom, Clarke Blatz, and soon to be Clarke – never to change again. She is 67 years young with three children, five grandchildren, and four great grandchildren.

Introducing… Anne!


Anne is an ardent lover of chocolates, flowers, and cats. She landed in Hamilton almost three years ago after a forgettable stint in the prairies and a blissful time on the west coast. By day, the secretary in her keeps an office in order; by night, the musician in her listens to jazz, R&B, dance, pop, rock, and the odd bit of classical tunage. She hopes to spend more time in her adopted home, laughing and aging gracefully.

Introducing… Debbie!


Have you ever had to hide something from those that you love and care about? Have you ever had to be something that you know that you are not? Debbie is a Hamilton born post-op transwoman who has overcome mountains. Debbie has been a pioneer in women’s and LGTBQ rights within Hamilton.

Debbie enjoys travelling and experience new adventures. She likes spending her free time skydiving, crafting it up, and spending time with her Chihuahua Jessie. Debbie has shared her story via other media sources but feels the importance to tell her story first hand to Hamilton.

Leila’s Girlfriends is running three shows on Friday, March 4th at 7:30pm, Saturday, March 5th at 7:30pm, and Sunday, March 6th at 2pm. All shows are at Mills Hardware and doors open half an hour before the show starts. Seating is limited, so buy advance tickets for $10 here!