Introducing Leila’s Girlfriends… Sunday afternoon!

Let’s get to know who is joining Leila on Sunday afternoon!

Introducing… Grace!


Grace Evans is a community worker at the Social Planning and Research Council. Grace is a co-founder of Steel City Stories and lives downtown with her partner Scott and their dog Hank.

Introducing… Layal!


Layal is a dancing queen turned business owner, recently back in her Hamilton hometown after a decade in Toronto. Following a 10-year career in TV and film documentary, in 2012 Layal met Jonny and fell in love. Shortly after she moved in, quit her job and they launched the Jonny Blonde food truck together in 2013.

Before her food-trucking career, Layal produced and directed a film called House of God which screened at TIFF Bell Lightbox in 2011, and a series of music videos for her singing, rapping alter-ego “Roxi Diabla”.

Introducing… Dani!

Dani - Headshots (9).jpg

Dani is a Hamilton imposter, originally from Toronto, but loves her new city. She’s a dance instructor who specializes in “The Groove Method.” She currently lives in a micro-home that she built with her partner. She’s a minimalist and loves to travel.

Introducing… Colleen!


Colleen is a recent transplant to Hamilton, coming from Sudbury via some years in Barrie. She is delighted with the move, and when not blissfully lost in data queries and spreadsheets at work or riding a Sobi home, she can be found at the Art Crawl, a good movie, or sipping a Manhattan and cooking dinner for friends. She has a short attention span and embraces change, trying to live life deliberately and joyfully. Her maxim is “Less is more”.

Introducing… Mary Ellen!


Mary Ellen Scanlon is retired and lives in Strathcona. She believes that Hamilton’s built heritage is one of our most valuable and under-appreciated assets.

Leila’s Girlfriends is running three shows on Friday, March 4th at 7:30pm, Saturday, March 5th at 7:30pm, and Sunday, March 6th at 2pm. All shows are at Mills Hardware and doors open half an hour before the show starts. Seating is limited, so buy advance tickets for $10 here!