Introducing… Carla!

carlaCarla was born in and raised by her Awesome Mom and Loving Yet Aggressive Older Brother in Hamilton. She studied in Toronto, and lived in Victoria and Montreal before coming home to nest.

Carla works at the Social Planning and Research Council where she does community planning and evaluation about immigration, LGBTQ+ communities, neighbourhoods, and children.

Playing the banjo and singing with other humans, especially her partner, Anna, makes her feel more alive. Carla misses her Cool But Complicated Dad, who died last year. She appreciates being woken up daily by her kid, Charlie, wisely advising her to “Wake up!”

‘Excuses’ is on Sunday, April 10th, at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, as the finale to gritLit, Hamilton’s readers and writers festival. Doors open at 7pm and donations are welcome.