Day of the Dead in Hamilton?

My name is Edith and I am a planning committee member for Steel City Stories. One of the main reasons I love Canada is because of its multiculturalism. I can enjoy a Hawaiian meal in the middle of the winter, I can celebrate the new Chinese year with my Russian friends, and I also can celebrate thanksgiving with my new Syrian friend and his boyfriend while having delicious Syrian entrees before the Turkey is ready.

Since I am part of that multicoloured social fabric, a Mexican woman and a volunteer for Steel City Stories, which the main objective is building community, I suggested the theme “Day of the Dead” to the whole committee, and I’m excited for the opportunity to share one of my own cultural traditions.

The objective of celebrating the Day of the Dead by telling stories is an invitation to reflect on a different perspective on how we conceive dead. The modern Mexican tradition is a cultural and religious syncretism influenced by Aztec and European civilizations, celebrated on All Saints day. Day of the Dead is a celebration, a party for our deceased loved ones, is a day where we can remembering as they wanted us to evoke them and their legacy.

Let’s celebrate them together in Hamilton! We invite all attendees of Day of the Dead on November 5 at Mills Hardware to celebrate their departed loved ones by bringing a memento for the altar. Please bring a copy of a photo of your departed family or friends (nothing irreplaceable or valuable!) and join is us in remembering them together.

Day of the Dead ticket information here