Get to know your storyteller! Leading up to our event on November 2nd, we’ll be bringing you brief bios of our speakers. Here’s Jeff!

First and foremost, Jeff Goodes is a proud dad and husband. When he’s not immersed in the chaos of his home life, Jeff works at CBC Radio as a producer and host which he has done for close to twenty years. Currently, he is working on White Coat/Black Art with Brian Goldman. You can also hear him in the wee hours of the morning as host of CBC Radio’s Overnight. Outside the CBC, Jeff produces and co-hosts the Scott Free Podcast with Scott Thompson of Kids in the Hall. He also puts on 5×7 Talks: 5-minute talks by 7 people who have an idea to improve their community.  On November 22, the James St 5×7 will be held right here at Christ Church Cathedral. Follow Jeff on twitter: @jeff_goodes

Join us, November 2nd, at the Christ’s Church Cathedral, to hear Jeff and others tell true stories from their own lives, live without notes! You can reserve your tickets online here!