Get to know your storyteller! Leading up to our event tomorrow we’re bringing you brief bios of our speakers. Here’s John!


John is a Personal, Family, Organization and Community Historian and the owner and proprietor of Hamilton-based Vintage Histories and Stories. John launched a volunteer Personal History project in 2000 that operated for three years. After completing his graduate studies in 2006, John worked for three years as legal history Research Associate and Research Assistant. He self-published a biographical and cultural study of the early life and work of Canadian singer-songwriter Bruce Cockburn in 2010 and is currently expanding it into a comprehensive study of Cockburn’s life and work. In 2013, John founded Vintage Histories and Stories, which specializes in providing personal, family, organization and community history services.

Join us tomorrow, April 5th, at the First Unitarian Church to hear John and others tell true stories from their own lives, live without notes! Doors open at 7. Advance tickets available online (here!).