Arrivals and Departures

We weren’t thinking about the transitional nature of this time of year when we chose the evening’s theme, but Saturday’s stories and their wide range of experiences and reflections relating to “arrivals and departures” seemed especially fitting for an early-spring evening…


The inimitable John Terpstra (in a chicken tie to boot!), hosted the evening at First Unitarian Church.


Renée Wetselaar was first up, with a story describing how joining the military (on a dare!) marked the departure of her youth.


Zak McDonald’s story wove together two trips he’s embarked on in two different periods of his life.


Graham Crawford recounted several of his arrivals and departures to and from Hamilton, and the closet, over the past 50 years.


Rochelle Martin shared a childhood experience – observing a stranger dying in the street – that has shaped her interest in death and community-building.


John A. McCurdy’s story included a range of arrivals and departures as he reflected on his experience with Hodgkin’s Disease.


Suzanne Burchell wrapped up the evening with her story of an ill-fated quest for popularity after moving to Hamilton from Nova Scotia as a young girl. Thank you, Hamilton, for yet another successful Steel City Stories! We’re so happy to have your support! We also have to thank our friends and graphic-design-mavericks, Chris White and Ariane Klassen, for donating their time and talent to Steel City Stories (see more of their work here!), and to Dan Jelly for capturing these moments from Saturday’s event – check out his website here. We’ll be back in July with “Turning Point”. If you’re interested in sharing your story or getting involved in planning future events, drop us a line!