Our Supercrawl event was a huge success thanks to all of you! Many people made the detour from James Street North to come see us at Mill’s Hardware, and there were plenty of great stories to be heard. Unfortunately musician Tom Wilson was sick and could not make the event, but our remaining seven speakers shared their journeys of venturing “into the wild”…



Crowd-favourite Steve Bunn returned to host (his second time!), quipping small stories of his own trips into the wild.



Sandy Shaw shared a story about losing her purse, and the unexpected journey she took to retrieve it.



When a honeymoon went from bad to worse, Suzanne Burchell had to cope with the uncomfortable situation.



Alex Drumm told us about the time he tried to force a life changing experience, and ended up hanging onto the side of a 40-foot cliff.



Zak McDonald went off to India for his life changing experience, but ended up learning more about his love of home in the process.



Chris Krucker told us his story of becoming an organic farmer, and how an oak savannah became his organic farm.



Katy Morrison went “into the wild” by taking her education to Kenya, and pushing herself outside her comfort zone.



Jess Goodes shared some relationship wisdom, telling the story of a trying camping trip he took with his wife when they first started dating.

Again, thanks for everyone that came out and to everyone who has been supporting us so far! Keep an eye out as our November 1st event, Moonlighting, is coming up quickly!