Steel City Stories Presents “Culture Shock” ~ Meet the Storytellers!

Thursday November 15th, at the Staircase Theatre, come and hear six storytellers regale you with their tales of “Culture Shock.” You can die from physical shock, can you die from Culture Shock? We all reside in Hamilton today, but it wasn’t always so…

Meet Pierrick Gacinya, originally from Rwanda. He will host Thursday evening’s event. If you heard him tell his story about his muscles at our May 2017 event, you’ll remember a very funny guy with a hang up for the magical powers of milk.


Now… Our Storytellers…

Ben Moore is a French Immersion Teacher, Volunteer, Foodie, Reader, Knitter, Pokémaniac, Colourblind Painter, Amateur Baker, French Press Coffee Enthusiast, and Insider Member at La Maison Simons, but his cat couldn’t care less.

He calls Hamilton home today, but he thinks there are unwritten rules about city living no one tells you in advance…


Amy Sloan, a 6th generation Hamiltonian, has been writing and public speaking since grade 2 (Bronze medal at St. Margaret Mary school for reciting My Shadow by Robert Louis Stevenson!).  In her spare time, she is a fiancée, a mom of three and works in health care.  She is excited to be participating in her first Steel City Stories event.


Fito Molina is a musician & artist from Central America, currently living in Hamilton.  He left his home country due to the civil war, lived in Costa Rica for some time, & came to Canada in the 90’s.



Kaila MacMillan is a writer, storyteller and fiddler. She moved to Hamilton in 2017 and  aims to have tried all the best donut places by 2019. Kaila is attending med school at McMaster and previously worked as a pharmacist. Her life goals include finding balance between work and play, arts and science, and convincing her cat to go on leash walks with her. Kaila and her partner are expecting their first child in January.



Ian Sloan is a United Church minister. He has been in downtown Hamilton almost ten years and in that time he has helped to end two churches and to begin another one. He thinks that one is doing some great things. He drinks coffee in any number of forms.

Sloan Remarks

Constanza Durán was born in Santiago, Chile.  She left her birth country in 1975 fleeing the military dictatorship. She has been published in three Latin American /Canadian anthologies: Iguana – Escribir el Exilio/Writing Exile, “Lumbre y Relumbre”, and in “Construyendo memoria”. In 2012, she received an award from the City of Toronto in recognition for “Outstanding Participation In Punto de Encuentro III” for creative writing.

Constanza says life has been her university, and went to university when she had graduated from life.



There you have it! All you need to do now is click on the link below and get your tickets! Seating is limited and so are the chocolate marshmallow squares. See you there!

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Introducing the Storytellers for DIRT!

We are excited to introduce a line-up of new and veteran Hamilton storytellers for our May 24th event! Whether it’s the grainy, clay dusty stuff or the crud of everyday life, we’re talking about DIRT.


Sarah Leyenaar

Sarah enjoys playing in dirt – psychologically and in the ground – and has discovered treasures beneath the surface of both environments. This is her second time taking the stage at Steel City Stories and we’re excited to welcome her back.



Phil Argent

Phil was raised in Stoney Creek, way back before it was part of Hamilton. He has a wife, a cat, and enjoys the sun, tap water, and working on spreadsheets.





Michael John Derbecker

Michael John Derbecker is a writer and occasional performer living in Hamilton. His stories frequently involve dirt on his hands, but a good 90% of it has been the literal, rather than metaphorical kind. Fans of Steel City Stories will remember Michael’s misadventures meeting Martin Scorsese. Welcome Back, Michael!






DarrellDarrell Doxtdator is a citizen of the Tuscarora Nation of the Six Nations Confederacy.  He grew up on the Haudenosaunee territory of the Grand River. Darrell earned his Hon. B.A. (Political Science) from McMaster University and his LL.B. from Osgoode Hall.  On his Call to the Bar, he refused to swear the Oath of Allegiance to the Queen. Instead, he re-affirmed his commitment to Mother Earth.  After considerable debate, the LSUC agreed to make the Oath optional.

‪Darrell continues to strive to be a social activist.  In his efforts to “comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable”, Darrell finds that writing, speaking out and singing karaoke are effective instruments in achieving these objectives.



Inge Christensen headshot-3

Inge Christensen

Inge moved from Toronto to Hamilton a couple years ago. With improv, writing and art as her passions, she is fascinated with creating stories. She is also a historical architecture freak and so is delighted to explore Hamilton’s streets and laneways. Welcome Back, Inge!


CBK headshot 2017

Your host for the evening is Carla Klassen. Carla has told a story for Steel City stories and hosted the Grit Lit event “Excuses” a couple years ago. Welcome Back, Carla!




Just a reminder that our shows are now Thursdays  at the Staircase Theatre and tickets sell out! (Seating is around 60 people!) Don’t miss out, get your tickets here!

Introducing Vuk!

Vuk Pejovic arrived to Hamilton just a few years ago from magical country of Montenegro. He is a code wizard for HHS by trade, and is attending McMaster University to improve his degree. Outside of work, he boxes at a local gym and has earned a spot on the plaques at The Judge pub on Augusta.headshot_2017