Fun at the LIVE MUSIC CONCERT– A Cautionary Tale

This is Tim.

Come on out to the Staircase Theatre Thursday November 21st and hear six stories of survival and triumph… or something like that. Squeaky Wheel and the human spirit? Or at the very least, that time I thought I wanted that thing.

Tickets on sale for $10 until noon on the 21st. Get yours here!

20191021_224603Tim grew up in Ancaster. He has lived in downtown Hamilton with his wife for 13 years. They have two daughters. Tim likes animals, movies, California reds and diners where the servers are a little grouchy.

He’s Got to Move Some Wheels and Make Room for Love

Sometimes the squeaky wheel has pride of place in your living room… until your fiancée puts her foot down. Come hear Steve’s tale of needs met (and unmet), heavy metal, motorcycles and where the rubber hits the road.

Tickets on sale now for only 10$! Last show of 2019! Six great stories. Stay tuned…


Steve Rolfe is a life-long Hamiltonian with a love for family, his big dog Nigel and pretty much anything with wheels and motors. He lives in a little cottage in the east end with too many motorcycles, which he is working very hard to move out before he gets married in February! Steve has a passion for community, food and live music.

Summer’s Officially Over… Let the Stories Begin!

You’ve traded your bikini and martini for a pumpkin spiced latte and a sweater vest, and everybody said: amen!

It’s story season! At Steel City Stories we’ve been rustling up personal stories from around the city and this week the first of our fall shows will be happening Thursday night at the Staircase Theatre.

Left behind promo

There are still tickets available online for only $10.00, so grab a friend, find that chic fall scarf (to match those shorts you just can’t put away yet!) and come hear stories of so many things that have been left behind.


Porn Films, Grandmothers and Moving On

David is best known for his stand up comedy but he is also an established spoken word artist. He has performed at the world famous Laugh Factory in L.A. and The Atldot Comedy Lounge in Toronto & the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival. He recently relocated from Vancouver to Hamilton where he is making his mark in the local comedy circuit.

The story he will share has little to do with his professional life, and a lot to do with a personal promise he made that probably saved his life.



This Looks Like a Fun Class Trip

glacier jumpMark Rowe teaches Japanese Religions and culture at McMaster University. He loves hearing and sharing stories of those whose voices are rarely heard. He is currently working on a book project with 5 Japanese female Buddhist priests about their lives. He can juggle and ride a unicycle, but not at the same time.


Tickets available here! See you Thursday September 26th at 7:00pm at the Staircase Theatre!

Calvin, Hobbes & Mom

Find out what Gabe has to say about all of that Thursday September 26th at the Staircase Theatre. For tickets, click here.


Gabe Camozzi is an educator living and working in Hamilton. Originally from Montréal, Québec, he comes from a family where stories told of daring sea voyages and surviving against the odds were frequent pairings with family dinners. He is excited to share a story of being left behind at a critical moment in his young life – and the loving relationship that ultimately brought him back.


Thanks for Coming Out, Despite the Misery

Our team at Steel City Stories laughed (and cried) when we heard about David’s journey to Canada and his love/hate relationship with his home country. Come hear the story in his own words Thursday September 26th at the Staircase Theatre. Doors open at 7:00 so you can settle in and meet the storytellers.


My name’s David. I’m Venezuelan and a (relatively) recent Hamiltonian. I love art, music, reading (when I have time), and I spend my idle time doodling or daydreaming scenarios where I win arguments.