So… What did You Inherit?

Join us Thursday May 2nd at the Staircase Theatre as we hear Hamiltonians share their stories about “Inheritance.” Whether it’s armoires, jewelry, guitars, mansions, bad tempers, pets, diseases, bogus timeshares, freckles, secrets or anything else, you’ll hear six true stories live on stage from folks like Tanya…


Tanya Rumble is a fundraising leader who has raised millions for some of Canada’s largest charities including Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Society and now McMaster University. Returning to Hamilton a dozen years since graduating with an H.B.A., Political Science from McMaster, earning a Masters Certificate at NYU and building her career in Halton and Toronto feels like a homecoming. Tanya is naturally inquisitive and a lifelong learner both informally and formally: she is a graduate of the 2017 Association of Fundraising Professionals Inclusion and Philanthropy Fellowship, and 2010 DiverseCity Fellowship; enjoys international travel with her husband often exploring big cities and taking in sporting events and concerts along the way; a voracious consumer of podcasts; and a dedicated urbanist taking advantage of leading Jane’s Walks’ to learn more about her community. She is a Canadian, English and Irish citizen.

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