There Once Was A Host Named Inge…

Inge in Blue

There once was a host named Inge, who came from Toronto a few years ago

She tells stories about ex-cons and horses in Mexico

Her eyes are bright blue

When she’s looking at you

She’s an artist at heart, but also a business pro.


(Poem written by Lena, who is clearly NOT a poet.)


Since moving from Toronto to Hamilton in September 2016, Inge has been teaching startup companies how to tell the story of their business, as Pitch Coach. It’s a new application of storytelling, an art form Inge loves and practices through writing (a novel is in the works!), weekly improv classes and a series of illustrated limericks. (Who doesn’t love a limerick?)

IMG_0543Here’s Inge sharing a story about the redemptive power of trust, in families and with strangers.