There Once Was A Host Named Inge…

Inge in Blue

There once was a host named Inge, who came from Toronto a few years ago

She tells stories about ex-cons and horses in Mexico

Her eyes are bright blue

When she’s looking at you

She’s an artist at heart, but also a business pro.


(Poem written by Lena, who is clearly NOT a poet.)


Since moving from Toronto to Hamilton in September 2016, Inge has been teaching startup companies how to tell the story of their business, as Pitch Coach. It’s a new application of storytelling, an art form Inge loves and practices through writing (a novel is in the works!), weekly improv classes and a series of illustrated limericks. (Who doesn’t love a limerick?)

IMG_0543Here’s Inge sharing a story about the redemptive power of trust, in families and with strangers.


What Does Charlton Heston Have To Do With It?


One doesn’t always get to choose what they inherit.

Steel City alumni and dyed-in-the-wool Hamiltonian Amy Sloan returns with a story where Moses, a.k.a Charlton Heston, plays a central role, alongside her grandmother, of course. In her spare time, she is a fiancée, a mom of three and works in health care. if you know Amy from the comedy circuit, be prepared to laugh and cry in the space of ten minutes.

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Under This Hat He’s Inherited a Brain

image1A brain in a malfunctioning body of a human person, ready to deliver a series of words strung together for your ears to absorb. Jackson is an odd yet normal-ish creature who spends a considerable amount of time thinking of ways to spend future moments doing unusual yet practical things. And he loves birds.

Come hear what Jackson’s inherited. It’s not an armoire or a scandalous secret. His story is as unique of each of our storytellers. There are 13 days left to get your tickets!



Choose Your Own Inheritance

Robin Zee

Come hear Robin Zee share about fear and courage, and choosing her own inheritance.

Robin is a storyteller, performer and mixed media artist who uses the arts for healing to touch the lives of others. Her journey includes childhood sexual abuse, human trafficking, addiction and more. Watch her first book, BorderLine Me, based on her truthful one-woman show.

Tickets selling fast! 

Robin Zee art

All they left me was an old…


Find out just what John Fink inherited Thursday May 2nd at the Staircase Theatre.

John is the Digital Scholarship Librarian at McMaster University. Born in 1973, he has lived in the United States, Singapore, and Canada, although he has called Hamilton home for over a decade. He enjoys bicycles, seeing cats on the street, your dog, and potatoes.


So… What did You Inherit?

Join us Thursday May 2nd at the Staircase Theatre as we hear Hamiltonians share their stories about “Inheritance.” Whether it’s armoires, jewelry, guitars, mansions, bad tempers, pets, diseases, bogus timeshares, freckles, secrets or anything else, you’ll hear six true stories live on stage from folks like Tanya…


Tanya Rumble is a fundraising leader who has raised millions for some of Canada’s largest charities including Heart and Stroke Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Society and now McMaster University. Returning to Hamilton a dozen years since graduating with an H.B.A., Political Science from McMaster, earning a Masters Certificate at NYU and building her career in Halton and Toronto feels like a homecoming. Tanya is naturally inquisitive and a lifelong learner both informally and formally: she is a graduate of the 2017 Association of Fundraising Professionals Inclusion and Philanthropy Fellowship, and 2010 DiverseCity Fellowship; enjoys international travel with her husband often exploring big cities and taking in sporting events and concerts along the way; a voracious consumer of podcasts; and a dedicated urbanist taking advantage of leading Jane’s Walks’ to learn more about her community. She is a Canadian, English and Irish citizen.

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